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Owners Corporation Services

  • Comprehensive budgeting with variance reporting and year on year comparisons

  • Comprehensive financial reporting & the provision of income & expenditure statements, balance sheets, expense ledgers, cashflow statements

  • Provision of bank statements

  • Creditor payments

  • Payment authorisations

  • Each Owners Corporation will have a Macquarie Bank account opened in the name of the Owners Corporation

  • Issuing of levies, owners have a variety of payment options including BPAY, direct debit, credit card and Australia Post

  • Robust arrears monitoring and recovery action

Advance Strata Consulting understands that communication is the cornerstone to successful Owners Corporation management. Hence, we offer a fixed fee for disbursements. As such, lot owners no longer need to worry about being charged for letters, circulars, email correspondence and phone calls. This way there are no nasty surprises to owners and the Owners Corporation is in control of their expenditure.

  • Handle and maintain an accurate record of correspondence, asset registers,¬† strata plans, rules and regulations

  • Maintenance of Owners Corporation register

  • Preparation of Owners Corporation certificates

  • Preparation & coordinating of ballots

  • Preparing circulars

  • Complying to all requirements under the Owners¬†Corporation Act 2006 & regulations

  • Attending to statutory requirements

  • Arrange for maintenance, repair and replacement of common property in accordance with the instructions of the Owners Corporation

  • Arrange quotations for works to the common property

  • Preparing circulars and conduct surveys

  • Recommend audits to save costs

  • Enforce the adherence to the rules relating to common property

  • Assist with the drafting of Owners Corporation rules

  • Arrange reports for OH&S or other regulatory compliance as required

Our Owners Corporation managers are trained community mediators and are well versed with dispute resolution management and processes within a strata community setting.

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Body Corporate Insurance

We have you well covered when it comes to the insurance requirements for your Body Corporate insurance.

We are authorised representatives of two of the largest strata insurance brokers in the industry, Body Corporate Brokers (BCB) and Whitbread Insurance Brokers. Also we are authorised distributors of Honan Insurance Brokers. As part of our role we are responsible for:


We are able to provide you with the industry benchmark and cutting edge tools and technology in the Owners Corporation industry.


As part of our role we are responsible for convening committee meetings, Inaugural general meetings, annual general meetings, special general meetings and extraordinary general meetings.

We believe that our meeting agendas are the industry benchmark and we do not compromise in the level of thoroughness and quality of the agenda and meeting documentation provided to lot owners.

Additionally, meetings are run timely and professionally and we do not charge for facilitating these meetings. In addition, our Owners Corporation managers are trained mediators.

Developer Services

Creating Strata Communities

We will assist you in setting up the Owners Corporation and advise you on your duties and obligations under the Owners Corporation Act 2006. With our wealth of experience in the establishment of staged release, highrise, and multiple owners corporations, we deliver advice during the planning and development phases.

This experience and know how will potentially minimise maintenance and operation costs for the Owners Corporation – preventing oversights in design. We have staff who can speak Mandarin, Malay and other Asian dialects to assist you in dealing with the foreign investors. Also our friendly pricing will help you to achieve higher sales and maximise returns for investors.

We will help organise the following services:

    • Organise Owners Corporation insurance
    • Assist in the drafting of the Owners Corporation rules
    • Assist in setting the Owners Corporation budget
    • Organise the inaugural general meeting
    • Provide Owners Corporation certificates
    • Maintain an accurate record of correspondence, asset register, strata plan, rules and regulations
    • Assist with implementation of waste management plans
    • Ordering and installation of building signage
    • We will provide your prospective buyers with a welcome pack to understand the common area facilities at the development and their responsibilities as members of the Owners Corporation, as well as answer any queries they may have

  1. We will assist in engaging the relevant service contractors for the smooth operation of the Owners Corporation such as:

    • Building security
    • Essential services compliance
    • Lift maintenance
    • Mechanical ventilation
    • Electrical
    • Cleaning contracts
    • Fire monitoring
    • Building signage
    • Organising special general meetings with new owners upon settlement of all units
    • Ongoing management of the Owners Corporation

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The presentation of your property is a reflection on our capabilities as managers; we are a n Owners Corporation Management company who puts the emphasis on you, the Owner, and the Management of your assets.